SOUTH EAST 29 – your logistic partner


Warehousing at SOUTH EAST 29 will enable you to focus on your core business! We keep control of your items and when running out of stock. No need for you to have your own warehouse facilities. Fixed monthly pricing based on number of articles and space needed. Easy, simple and cost-effective.


Packing on behalf of SOUTH EAST 29 will save valuable time for you, to do what YOU do best! We do the packing based on your orders and instructions. You will save money on the equipment and staff involved in product packaging!
We offer you a competitive pricing per order, based on your requirements!


Shipping your products with SOUTH EAST 29 will free up valuable time for you! With SOUTH EAST 29 you will always have access to competitive rates and services! We can handle your domestic shipments as well as your international ones.
Your shipments will be sent with top integrators as well as local service-providers. The best Courier-service based on your needs and requirements.

Return handling

Operate as a local company and offer domestic returns for your customers! Direct your customers return shipments to SOUTH EAST 29.

Domestic return shipments for your customers
Parcel registration within 24 hours
Quantity control of the goods
Quality control of the goods
Consolidated return shipments to you


As a logistic partner, it is our mission to make our customers successful by removing their daily logistic burdens and to free up time for them to do what they do best! A typical customer of ours is a small or mid-size webshop company, who value a logistic partner taking care of warehousing and packing as well as shipping and deliveries. These companies are fully aware of the focus needed in a highly competitive and rapidly growing market. As entrepreneurs, they are driven by finding and developing new business opportunities. SOUTH EAST 29 is here to support you becoming successful. We are able to provide you a complete solution including all logistic activities. Our success is based on yours. We want you to be successful!


Our preferred carriers


We value reliable and fast deliveries. Our preferred carriers are DHL, Bring, UPS and FedEx. These carriers combined provide us a competetive world wide coverage.

For domestic deliveries to private consumers in Sweden, we strongly recommend deliveries to a service-point! This is based on experience and knowledge of most customers desire!

Feel free to use our transportation set-up and rates. In case you prefer you can also use your own shipping agreement



Orders received


Items packed


Shipments sent


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Electronic Predelivery Payment

Your shipment has arrived! Final delivery will take place when payment has been performed.
Please enter payment recepient followed by order-number (example: SOUTH EAST 29 / 12345)

Bankgiro account: 5052-3455

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E P P – Client funds
This is an electronic tool used to release shipments for final delivery when payment upfront is required by sender.

General Conditions

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Welcome to contact us 24/7. We want your business!

South East 29, based in Skåne, was founded due to the lack of professional and competitive high quality service to the fastest growing market – webshops, which most of the time are small companies run by creative entrepreneurs.
With the extensive experience from multiple international logistic companies, as well as the experience and knowledge about starting up and running business in several countries, it became natural for us to fill the gap in this market segment.
We find it very inspiring to support our customers to grow their business and become successful. It is a win-win situation! Our success is fully based on our customers’ success!


Org no 559031-2426

Head office: Mossrosvägen 47 A, 296 38 Åhus, Sweden.
Warehouse: Polgatan 8, 298 32 Tollarp, Sweden
Phone: +46 760 446689